Are You Infected With Shattered Dream Syndrome or SDS?


Are You Infected With Shattered Dream Syndrome or SDS?

You read that right… Is SDS or “shattered dream syndrome” infecting you and your home business opportunity? To know for sure, keep reading…

Let me explain-

You see, there’s a tragic scenario that plays out every day somewhere and the outcome is heartbreaking… it’s known as “Shattered Dream Syndrome,” or SDS, and in some cases there’s NO cure!

This syndrome causes well-intentioned people to get all excited about a new opportunity they’ve just joined, but in a matter of a few months or even a few weeks, the novelty starts wearing off.

People give up on this new opportunity for a wide variety of reasons, but the primary cause always seems to be in their own minds.

Yes, their minds. Their thought processes keep telling them that they will never make any money with this. Or they have it in their minds that they are destined to work a job for the rest of their lives, or deep in their subconscious they believe they don’t deserve to be successful, and many other false truths.

This syndrome or infection acts like an antibiotic-resistant super bug that has grown a shield around itself protecting it from harm.

But there is one way to actually cure this syndrome once and for all.

1. Get involved with the right support system.

One way to stop SDS dead in its tracks is to look for a group of people who have the right “medicine,” which is really the right mindset for success. The thought processes in a solid support system is there’s no negativity.

One of the reasons so many people become bored and resentful towards a new opportunity after a few months is because they have no support.

They’re surrounded by friends and family who perpetuate SDS by saying they’re going after a pipe dream and show no support for the business or idea.

But if you surround yourself with positive people, you can rid yourself of SDS and get yourself on the right track to follow your dreams.

With the right kind of people, you can stop feeling alone with trying to make your opportunity work.

2. Stop listening to the ‘get rich quick’ gurus.

If you signed up with a sponsor who constantly makes claims that your opportunity is going to give you overnight riches, you’re always going to feel resentful and discouraged when you don’t see it happening in your life.

If you’re told you don’t have to do any work and still get rich, that’s going to shatter your dreams in no time too.

Even if you work at Staples, there’s no Easy Button in life, only in commercials.

But if you search out the positive thinkers in a couple of good support groups, and get your mindset out of “get rich quick” mode, you’ll find it’s a lot easier to stick with your business and get rid of SDS.

If you’re still looking for a good opportunity that promotes long-term growth and success, has a great support group that doesn’t promise overnight success, watch the video below and then join my team today!

We’re not a ‘here today-gone tomorrow’ business. We’re in it for the long haul and always here to help.

Stop SDS today!