How to Make $100 a Day From Home WITHOUT Gurus or Gimmicks (Starting This Weekend)


Who else thinks that you need to spend hours and hours “studying” online to earn easy money from home? Are you convinced that you need to spend hundreds of dollars on eBooks, webinars, home study courses and other unnecessary investments to do what you love for a living?

The truth is, if you are serious about building a viable, valuable and enduring online business that matters from home, you can literally start this weekend on a BOOTSTRAP budget, and truly change your life forever.

Here are the only things you need to succeed.

1 – A little bit of experience or expertise in an area that you feel a sense OF PASSION and purpose, and a willingness to share that expertise with others.

2 – A willingness to get ferociously focused, to destroy distractions and to follow a plan from start to finish without quitting early.

3 – The ability to create content in your area of experience or expertise in a way that offers real world value to others. This can be written content, audio content or even video content – it matters not.

Let’s take a quick and easy look at an example process flow that you can literally do in one short weekend, starting today if you are ready, and be making money by next week for sure.

Let’s assume you have 20 500 word blog posts or articles already in your niche, industry or area of expertise. That is 10 thousand words of content that we are going to re purpose into a curriculum, or a product you can sell.

Remember, if you don’t have any of this yet, it’s very easy to create from scratch as well, and won’t really set you back much time wise as well.

The important pieces of the puzzle are as follows.

You want to turn your CONTENT into a curriculum that you can sell. This can be an eBook, or an audio recording, or even an email training that is “dripped” to your clients and customers over a 10, 21 or 30 day schedule.

You can use a FREE service like Gumroad to not only build your list, but to sell your eBook, audio recording or email training in their marketplace… no fees, costs or technical set up required.

You need to build a community, or an email list of subscribers. This is really the ONLY tricky part of launching this strategy, and not because it’s difficult, but because it takes a minute to work if you are relying on FREE traffic to build your list.

That said, I recommend breaking those blog posts down into articles, slide share presentations and action steps, and submitting them to popular content hosting to drive traffic to your landing page, where you will acquire subscribers. (You can also use a service like Unread, or Mail chimp, to build your list for free)

Now it’s just a matter of identifying what you are going to offer to folks who sign up for your list. If you want to earn $100 a day, it’s going to be tough to do that right away on selling your content alone. (in other words, your eBooks and audio WILL sell, but probably only at a conversion rate of 2%-5% per day, and on $50 dollar introductory product, you probably won’t yet have the numbers to get to $100)

Here is what WILL.

Use tiered pricing for your products. For example, maybe your basic eBook or digital PDF would cost $27. Then, you add a 60 minute audio recording on the same content, with some additional points and perspectives for $47.

In addition, you do a group webinar where people who purchased the product can ask questions… for $97. Finally, you offer twice monthly one on one coaching session with you for $167.

The truth is, if you combine CONTENT with coaching as a marketing model, earning $100 a day in under 30 days is pretty darn easy using the basic blueprint above.

Create content every day.

Use your content to build your community.

Communicate with your community to know what they want, need and will pay for.

Create what they TOLD you they will pay for.

Make multiple files, formats and mechanisms to deliver information that inspires them, informs them and enlightens them in an area that YOU have a sense of passion, purpose, and experience.

Continue to rinse, repeat and replicate this with more content, more products, and MORE people, until $100 a day is what you are spending on advertising, rather than hoping to make!