How Your Mortgage Interest Rate Will Affect Your Loan


Buying a home is one of the biggest investments that the average person will make in their life. In most cases, the loan term will be over twenty years long, so it is important to take note of all of the finer details. Your mortgage interest rate can have a huge effect on your loan, especially when you look at how long the interest is calculated over time. Even changing the percentage of your mortgage interest rate by half a percent could save you thousands of dollars. You may know why you are offered a certain interest rate, but not many people understand how it will affect them.

The main way that your mortgage interest rate affects your loan is the amount of your repayments that actually affect your balance. Depending on the type of mortgage that you have, you may find that you actually only pay money towards your interest until it is cleared completely. From that point onwards, you would start reducing the balance of your loan. Should you choose to sell your property very early on in the loan term, you may find that you still end up owing the bank money, something which is quite hard to rectify.

There are some mortgage types that will allow you to slowly pay off your balance and your interest, irrelevant of your mortgage interest rate. In the case of having this kind of repayment plan, you will find that although at first the majority of your repayments does go towards interest, the ratio will begin to swing in the favor of your balance within a few years. This means that you can actually start repaying your balance much quicker and actually see a reduction in the figure that you owe. Over time, you will find that it quickly becomes much easier to sell your property for a profit if you need to.

The lower your interest rate the quicker you can get to the point that your interest is paid off. This is why it is so important to pay attention to what your lender tells you about why a certain interest rate is being offered. You may find that by spending a little time, either saving for a larger deposit or working on your credit score that you end up with a much lower interest rate. A lower mortgage interest rate can save you many thousands of dollars over the course of a loan.