I Need Money Now!


I Need Money Now!

How many times have you said to yourself – or you’ve heard other people say, ‘But I need money NOW!’

Or this one, ‘I lost my job. Now what? How can I make money online?’

If you’ve ever visited the Warrior Forum at any time, I’m sure you’ve seen posts in the forums that sound just like that. People who are desperate for money and for some reason, they’re not ashamed to let everyone know about it.

And in today’s economy, it’s pretty common to hear that at least once a week from a friend, acquaintance, Facebook friends, forum members; it’s everywhere.

Or maybe you lost your job due to a disability of some kind. Maybe you got hurt at work or you had a medical or physical condition flare up that put you out of work, which is what happened to me, in fact.

But for some reason, they all think they can just hop online and make money fast, like overnight or something. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works, despite what these unethical marketers will tell you.

But I Need Money Now!

You really only have a couple of solutions if you need cash immediately:

1. Find things around the house you can sell fast or to get you by while you look for another job.

If you have a pawn shop near you, gather up your old DVDs, electronics or even jewelry that you don’t use anymore and head to the pawn shop. That’s about the fastest way to get some cash in your pocket.

I’ve been in that situation, believe me. I’ve lived it. I once took a cab to the pawn shop and had to ask the cabbie to wait for me and I’d pay him when I came back.

I pawned a VCR, a brand new briefcase and some jewelry, paid the cabbie and went and bought groceries for my kids.

My husband and I sold our old wedding rings for cash a while back to pay up some bills. When we renewed our vows a few years earlier, we’d exchanged new rings and had the old ones in our safe.

2. Have a Yard Sale

I’m sure you’ve probably head this suggestion a lot – but it works! If you’ve got a lot of stuff around the house, do some “spring cleaning” and sell it all.

3. Think of a service you can provide that will pay you cash either up front or as soon as the job is done.

I’ve done that too. I can type and I can use a computer. So I offered my services typing up mailing labels and typing resumes. In college, I typed up other people’s essays and term papers.

This gave me enough cash to feed my kids and put gas in the car to get to school.

These are both relatively short-term options to get you money fast. For the long-term, you’re going to need patience!

Need a solid game plan?

Then watch this video! ksmusselman.com/lost-my-job