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How to Make $100 a Day From Home WITHOUT Gurus or Gimmicks (Starting This Weekend)


Who else thinks that you need to spend hours and hours “studying” online to earn easy money from home? Are you convinced that you need to spend hundreds of dollars on eBooks, webinars, home study courses and other unnecessary investments to do what you love for a living?

The truth is, if you are serious about building a viable, valuable and enduring online business that matters from home, you can literally start this weekend on a BOOTSTRAP budget, and truly change your life forever.

Here are the only things you need to succeed.

1 – A little bit of experience or expertise in an area that you feel a sense OF PASSION and purpose, and a willingness to share that expertise with others.

2 – A willingness to get ferociously focused, to destroy distractions and to follow a plan from start to finish without quitting early.

3 – The ability to create content in your area of experience or expertise in a way that offers real world value to others.

Thinking of Selling Receivables at a Loss? Why You Need to Rethink This Idea


Thinking of Selling Receivables at a Loss? Why You Need to Rethink This Idea

    The Art of Selling Receivables

      Bloomberg Businessweek reporter, Karen Klein offered up some insight into selling receivables and why business owners are finding this option attractive.


How To Work On Federal Government Contracts


If you are interested in securing federal government contracts these tips will help you make the most of the opportunity. What you will need to do is determine what your business is going to specialize in and once you have determined your speciality there are websites like which will provide you with access to all of the open contracts being offered by the federal government.

All of these contracts are open to competition however preference can be given to companies that are owned by veterans or visible minorities.

How To Start A Money Making Business On A Budget


How To Start A Money Making Business On A Budget

Do you find yourself wishing you could actually do this – start a simple business quickly, something tried and tested and working for others right now. A means of making some extra cash, goodness knows there are a million and one things you would like to do if you had some spare cash! A good holiday would be one, camping is fun but the weather…

What actually is this business that you can set up quickly, that grows over a period of time.

Whats Going on With COLA Raises in 2012, Social Security Tax Wage Levels and Accounting Lobbyists in Washington?

    SSA / Lobbying

      Theres news abounding for 2012 coming from the Social Security Administration (SSA) including increases to the cost of living adjustment (COLA), a rise in what seniors pay for Medicare Part B, and new wage limits workers must meet before the Social Security tax of 6.2 percent stops as a deduction from paychecks.

    In addition, Open offers the latest information on accounting lobbyists, the amount of money spent on the 2008 presidential campaign and how much was spent thus far in 2011.

Be Your Own Boss, Now


Working at a job can be rewarding. Too often it is not. If you’re working in a job that is not rewarding, but you can’t quit because it pays the bills, then you’re stuck. But, you have a choice in front of you. Do you continue muddling along, day after day, working at a job that pays the bills, or you take the steps to make things better for yourself? One choice is to start your own home-based business that will pay you the income you want to earn and give you the freedom you want to have?

The key factor in starting a home based business is commitment.

Work For Yourself With Ease


The idea of working from home in your pajamas is certainly an appealing one. Or you may dream of a job where you can set your own hours, take vacations with little or no advanced notice, drink a beer on your lunch break.

We’re sure that you’re thinking–yes! That’s totally me. I want that!. In truth, we all want that. But there’s a lot more to being your own boss then pajamas and vacations. If you’re still interested in being your own boss, read on for some great tips!

Hit the books

Before you begin a business or embark upon a life as your own boss, it is important to have a good, solid understanding of your finances.

Budgeting Tips – Eating Your Way To Financial Well – Being


Do you know that food is the third largest family expense? If part of entertainment expense involves dining out, the total percentage if the family budget going to food is even greater.

Today you can follow some simple steps to reduce your grocery expenses by up to 25%. Concentrate on theses steps when you next go grocery shopping.

1. Make a grocery list. If it not on the lists dont buy it.

2. Used cash when shopping. This will make you accountable in sticking with only what on the list.


How to Import Quicken to QuickBooks: A Guide to Converting a Quicken Account into a QuickBooks File

    Compatibility Between Quicken and QuickBooks

    Quicken ( ) is a personal financial management software developed by a company called Intuit. It has been one of the most trusted financial software, right from its first release in 1984 to the latest 2009 versions that are being rolled out as we speak. This software can work on both the Windows and Macintosh platforms . After the resounding success of Quicken, Intuit came up with a financial management solution aimed at small business owners, and called it QuickBooks ( ).

Working With Leeds Accountants


One of the most misunderstood things about accountants, is that they are only good at adding up numbers.

This is often seen as having quite funny by accountants, as only a very small part of their role is actually adding up numbers. A lot of what they do relates to knowing the right rules, regulations and procedures in order to make sure your financial statements are correct. If the only skill wasnt adding up, then it wouldnt take so long for accountant to qualify to be able to advise.

If you are thinking about finding an accountant, they really doesnt matter where they are situated, as cloud technology has made the ability to produce financial statements and provide tax advice remotely, significantly easier than before.