Remorse (part 1)


Remorse (part 1)

I wonder if you have been in such situations. You got yourself into debts (there can be numerous reasons, legitimate and illegitimate), legitimates reasons would be, credit card bills because of medical fees, hospitalization of your loved ones, or serious illness from your family or yourself (like cancer). Illegitimate reasons would be like gambling, prostitution lavish spending without serious consideration. Sad to say, a close friend of mine belonged to the latter of these 2 groups.

I have a story from one of my close friend to share, and hope that this will serve as a reminder to all of you. Since my friend was 18 years old, he was introduced to soccer gambling. It was fun, exciting and was the in things back then. I dont know if he played legally or illegally. But I just knew that it cultivated the habit of gambling since then. Week in, week out, he would always be on his phone, or internet checking odds and scores. He would watch the matches at friends house (who also betted with him of course) or outside at coffeeshop and pubs.

In years to come, he was heavily addicted to soccer gambling. After college he went to work as a white collar professional. His habit of gambling did not stop there. With the higher income from his salary as compared to a student who only received allowances, he began to increase his bets; sometimes going as high as a few hundred dollars per stake (his salary was only about 2.5k)

Needless to say, there will be times where he won and others where he lost. When he won, he wanted more, so his stakes got higher. Until to the extent that he lost his winnings and stakes. After he lost, he wanted to chase his losses. Wrong move~! Based on the illustration above, the eventual result would still be the same he lost.

Things didnt turn out as he wanted; hence he began to go into debts. With a job, he managed to obtain credit lines from banks and credit cards. In this manner he got himself more sources of money to bet with. The result I believe everyone knows. He got himself into huge debts far more than he can cover or sustain.

All these while, his behavior was under perfect cover. No one knows of his gambling habits. He was a good son who is filial to his parents; he is a good and obedient brother in the eyes of his sisters. But bank letters began to surface, calls from banks began to ring and soon he knew that things are out of control. In desperation to cover for these misdeeds, he began to lie to his family and try to obtain loans etc. He even went to the extent of stealing from his parents.

He was living his life day by day.