Starting a Business, Being a Single Parent, and Working Full Time: Yes, It Can Be Done!


Starting a Business, Being a Single Parent, and Working Full Time: Yes, It Can Be Done!

Many women dream of doing something different with their lives. With the redundancy of a job that they only like instead of love (and more so because it pays the mortgage), women can feel as if they are stuck. If you are one of these women, raising children on your own in addition to that so-so job, you may feel you don’t have the time for yourself, much less to start your own business!

However, you can do it! Here are some ways to help you get started!

Plan Ahead

Begin planning your business venture several months in advance (some people do this for years!). With other responsibilities in your life, such as your children and your main occupation, you want to be sure you understand what you will need to do before you dive in. Careful planning by way of developing a timeline of short-term goals and business plan will keep you much calmer and well aware of what is around the corner.

Dedicate Certain Days

Choose a few evenings a week, or the weekends, to dedicate to planning (and eventually executing) your business. Having certain days carved out just for business will keep you much more focused on your goals and will allow your mind to concentrate on your goals of your future business rather than your current job and parental responsibilities. Some individuals do very well when only using a few of their precious hours during the work week, and some prefer to use one day on the weekend for preparing, and eventually working, in their new business.

Get Organized

There are many online tools that can help you get organized in planning to start a new company. Devote a certain work space just for your new company; utilize calendars and journals to help you with your timeline and important dates, and take a look at all of the amazing online business plan programs. Keeping your business space and items all together will allow deeper concentration and increased productivity during those times of working toward your dream.

Housework and Cooking

While dedicating certain hours, or days, toward planning and beginning your new business, streamlining the cooking and cleaning (and other necessary home responsibilities) is effortless when you also reserve times for them. Cooking ahead and freezing meals, having organized grocery lists for healthy snacks and foods always available, and cleaning specific rooms on certain evenings will give you the time you need to focus on your endeavor.

Incorporate the Kids

The most valuable assets you have are your children. After all, they may be the reason you are doing all of this! Spend as much time with them as you can. Take a few evenings a week to have quality family time. Talk to them about your goals and dreams, and listen to theirs. Ask them for advice; you may be shocked to hear what they have to say! If you are feeling overwhelmed and strapped for time, have functional family time! While they are doing homework, sit with them and work on your “homework”, whether it is for your business or for your main occupation. Being a single mom, this is a fabulous and productive way to spend precious time with your children!

Think of the Future

With short-term goals of business planning and in starting your business, always think ahead. Long-term goals will keep you moving forward, and it will become clearer as to why you are starting this business to begin with. Are you starting this company so you can eventually quit your day job and have more time with the children? Are you beginning this venture to supplement your income to provide a better life for you and your family? Or are you doing this just for you, so you can be happier in your life’s pursuits? Whether you are doing it for one of these reasons or all three, thinking about the future will keep you moving forward with a smile.

So, if you want to do something different, and have thoughts in the back of your mind to go for it, don’t hesitate just because you already have other major responsibilities. Take it slow, plan carefully, and before you know it, you will be doing exactly what you have dreamed!