Tools and Equipment That Transcriptionists Use


Tools and Equipment That Transcriptionists Use

Who wouldn’t want a well-paying job that can be done at the comfort of your home? That is one of the main reasons why medical transcriptionist jobs are so high in demand. Everyone would seem to want to be one. However, there are some equipment you need beforehand if you want to work as a medical transcriptionist. It isn’t much, but without these, you won’t be able to do your job.

What you need are:

A computer: A medical transcriptionist needs to have his own computer. Though a laptop and desktop will both do equally well, there might be situations in which you might have to leave town, but still have to work nevertheless. In these situations, a laptop is much more preferable than a desktop. However, as we’ll detail later on in this post, if you’ll also would like to get yourself a foot pedal, a desktop can serve you very well in this case, as you need to sit up on a desk. The computer you will be using needs to be kept up to date as some of the software you may be using will require an updated version of its operating system. You may not be using loads of hard drive space, but you do need a lot of RAM in order to keep things speedy and avoid potential errors in general. In some cases, you might need a digital webcam as well, for online meetings or conversations.

A Foot Pedal: In a medical transcription environment, you need a foot pedal to control the playing of audio dictation files. Using this foot pedal, you can play, reverse, fast forward files using your foot. This frees up your hands which can now be focused to do other transcription works. Most foot pedals these days can be connected using a USB port. While they are not very huge in size, they can be up to 15 inches wide. There is no need to get one of those expensive, new foot pedals. Any foot pedal as long as it works will do. Some inexpensive foot pedals can be found on newegg for $100.

A Headset: One of the most important things you should have is a headset. This will not only ensure that you’ll be able to hear the physician properly, but it will also ensure that it will only be you who will be listening to the recordings. Since you will be wearing and using your headset a lot, it is suggested that you get one of the heavy duty headsets that can work properly even after long periods of use. It can withstand a lot of wear and tear. You are suggested to use USB headphones as they are clearer than the sound jack version. You are suggested to use moderately expensive headphones, not only because you require quality, but also because they are worth it to the profession to begin with. $50 is enough to fetch you a good pair of headphones.

A Foot Pedal Software: This is significant to make the foot pedal work.

A Word Processor: You need a word processor to type in. MS Word will fit the need for most purposes, but you are suggested to use those newer versions, such as the latest MS Word.