What Makes a Business Successful and a Successful Business?


What Makes a Business Successful and a Successful Business?

Having spent this week watching the “Jump” like many others I expect, I couldn’t help being impressed and amazed by the courage and determination displayed. Not only were the contestants showing great courage, especially Heather Mills and Jon Allan Butterworth both amputees, who were amazing, a great example to others with disabilities. I couldn’t have achieved a 10th of their success as an able-bodied person.

The dreadful falls and the way they all carried on, the speed at which they travelled in the bob-sleigh. They weren’t professional athletes and only had a minimum training, they were all amazing. The determination shown and the skills learnt in such a short time, the falls and bruises that they acquired and still continued to strive for their goal, such a competitive spirit.

Compare this with the energy and determination needed to master the skills of setting up a new business and making it successful, do we put in the energy and persistence to anything like the same degree. Yes it is for a much shorter period but perhaps there is a lesson here. How can we create the same atmosphere energy and drive in tackling other tasks? It is difficult to create the same competitive spirit when working alone, but there are competitors, all the other businesses out there in a similar niche are competitors. Can we create a similar passion for success that they displayed this could send our businesses into overdrive?

So I guess to create a similar effect we should make our business plan ultra clear and exciting, with big goals we are passionate about. Really feel the success we are aiming for and if we can harness this energy and passion we could really make a difference. Never doubt your ability for a moment. Never do less than you are capable of and do what you love, outsource where necessary and make your business a success.

The clearer the goal and the steps along the way the quicker and easier it is to achieve them. If you are lacking skills required, learn them or outsource. Decide on the best and most direct route to achieve your dreams. Test and monitor your progress and tweak your route if required but keep your visualization on your completed goal.

The missing factor in the analogy is the comradeship of the other competitors, to some extent a membership site and forums can provide this. As the competitors in the show had daily challenges so we to must have daily targets to keep us on track, to move us to the success we desire.

So we can compare something like the “jump” with our own events and benefit from feeling the determination and passion so that we can drive our ventures forward faster with our strategies for business success.