Why I Continue To Lie To Collection Agencies When I Receive Their Calls


Why I Continue To Lie To Collection Agencies When I Receive Their Calls

The subject of this article would seem to imply that I entered into a legal and binding contract with a merchant to pay for services received, and refused to pay for such services. While reading this article, it will become apparent to you that there is no truth in that statement at all. Matter of fact, I have always made a conscientious effort to maintain a good credit rating. My spouse and I have never been wealthy folks, nonetheless, we were able to raise our child, by using the credit system appropriately.

If I stopped this article right now, some readers would actually believe I owe someone some money and is refusing to pay. Believe it or not, I would probably feel that way if someone else had written the same words. Tell you why I say that. As a former law enforcement official, I understand some aspects of the criminal mind. Ask most any convicted criminal if he committed a crime, and you will get a resounding I am not going to even repeat the answer you would receive.

A few years ago, the spouse and I relocated to another city. Many things were considered prior to this move, the most compelling was the fact that we would be near a veteran medical facility with little traffic congestion. To my surprise, the move went rather smoothly with limited problems. We were happy to be settled into our new home.

On the very first day the phone rang and the caller asked for a Mr. Henderson. I politely informed the caller that she had the wrong number and hung up. Within a time period of five hours, I had received five calls from the same number, I cannot say if it was the same person, nonetheless, the voice was always female. We had so many things to do that I didnt have time to carry on a conversation which would clear up the issue.

For the next ten days, the same pattern continued. During one call, I asked to speak with a supervisor, I explained our status and answered any questions that were asked of me. I thought that would be the end of that story, boy was I wrong. The next week, same pattern. At this point, I am sure you are wondering why I didnt just change my number. Well, it is not that simple. You see, as a disabled veteran, all of my interests with them are associated with my home phone number.

I called the phone company to ascertain a course of action I could pursue in order to stop the calls. After long debates with them, essentially, they could do nothing to abate the calls. During a conversation with one phone representative, she actually told me that people would not get those types of calls if they paid their bills responsibly. I even called the police, no help. I just laughed, because I was determine to find a way to put my mind at ease.

I have always believed that there is more than one road into a city. Meaning, in this matter, I had made a number of reasonable efforts to put a stop to the annoying phone calls, and had failed. With this being the case, I had to wake up my devil made me do it side, so I could flip the strip.

At or about 9:00 am one morning, the phone ran. The caller asked to speak to Mr. Henderson, I said speaking. The caller said he wanted to discuss the possibility of making some arrangements so I could pay off my bill. I said sir, apparently you have not heard about the bailout plan the president and congress passed. I told him that I am free of all debt and he is trying to trick me so he could have the money. He assured me it wasnt a joking matter, and I told him that he was just a crook trying to exploit me out of my money. I insisted the bill had been paid by the president. In the past I would always hang the phone up. Not this time, the caller did.

Albeit from time to time I do receive calls of this nature, I await them so the games can begin. Sounds like a call is coming in now.